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ONP 4 wheel davenport "diesel" #3. It has a 4 cylinder automotive engine and run through a hydrolic drive. Finished in 2001. Uses knuckle couplers and has a pin hook to operate with the MOW cars. Also has a headlight for evening and night time operation.


ONP riding gondola #101.It uses knuckle couplers and has archbar trucks.


ONP riding gondola/wheelchair car #200.This car was constructed after the passing of Phil Speigal (as seen on the side of the car "Phil Speigal Special"), an orginal member of the ONP crew and all the money needed for the project was donated by his family. The railroad is very greatful. This car has two camofluage doors on each side allowing for easier access for older people because the car floor is level with the station platform. The wider part of the car is for a wheelchair. The 2 seats can be removed and a wheelchair can be put in. It is very secure.It uses knuckle couplers and has archbar trucks.

NOTE: This car may not meet the official specifications outlined by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). It would be impossible to build a 5" scale car to be spacious for a wheelchair. But a lot of people have said how happy they are that they can now ride the train because of the new car.


ONP MOW (Maintainence of Way) #1. This was used as the caboose until #1201 was built and then later used as a wheelchair car as can be seen by the lettering on the side "CHAIR CAR" until an accident moved into MOW service. It has link and pin couplers. The wheels were are not the correct size and smaller than normal wheels of our riding stock which results in derailments at to high of speeds which is why we do not use it to carry passengers anymore.


This trolley was completed in 2002 by Tom Sharptein who sctrach built the entire thing. It originally ran on a noisy gas engine, but in 2005 it went under a heavy rebild and now runs onsix car batteries. There are 3 seats with the first seat taken by the motorman. It is normally used as a track inspection car or a switchman's car as it is to slow to keep up with the train. It also has detailed roof work and advertising in on the sides inside. Its home is the WYO Junction Car Barn near the Chrome School, along with #3.


ONP riding gondola #103. It uses knuckle couplers and has archbar trucks.


ONP riding gondola #102.It uses knuckle couplers and has archbar trucks. This is not an actual picture, one will be added of the real car soon.


ONP Exursion Car/ Cattle Car #401. The kids love it, but it can sometimes be a little tight for the adults! It uses knuckle couplers and has archbar trucks.


Caboose #1201 is used on all revenue passenger trains. There is a seat inside the front of the caboose for the conductor. The public is not allowed to ride in the caboose and we must have a conductor because of our insurance in case someone falls off, the couplers give way, etc. It uses knuckle couplers and has archbar trucks and also has working marker lights which we use for evening and night running.


ONP MOW (Maintainece of Way) #2 ballast car. Built in Februaury of 2005 by Tom Sharpstein and Reese Phipps. It is used to ballast track through drop bottom shoots and has link and pin couplers.

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