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Ride Information & Rules PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

To ride the train, go to the grey ticket booth (Floyds General Store) at the platform just left of the main entrance to the fairgrounds. Tickets are $1 per rider and children 2 and under are free. Once you have purchased your ticket(s), walk to the right out of the ticket booth and walk up the ramp on the left of the station to enter the platform. PLEASE do not wander off onto the platform. This makes it more of hassle to unload and load passengers in a timely manner. Train rides are approximatly 10 minutes over 1 mile of track. Also,during large events such as the fair, there may be a wait for your ride, so please be paitent.We usually run a 5 car train with each car holding 8 adults or 10 children maximum. On average, we carry trains with about 40-50 people on board.


1.Please wait behind the white chain until it is removed by the conductor or station master. PLEASE do not remove the chain, this helps with crowd control.

2.During the ride, please keep your hands, feet, and all personal belongings inside the train AT ALL TIMES and remain seated! The train passes objects that are very close to the track and we do not want anyone hurt.

3. When the train has arrived at the station DO NOT attempt to leave the train until you here 1 long blast on the horn or get an OK signal from a railroad volunteer.

4. Please do not walk on the track.

5. Do not move any switch stands!

6. Do not attempt to cross the tracks when the train is coming. Stop, Look, and Listen!

7. Please stay in charge of your kids, they tend to wander straight onto the tracks.

8. NEVER board or disembark a moving train. Even if it is just starting to creep out of the station, this can result in SEVERE injury and WILL NOT be tolerated.

9. We do not mind eating/drinking during the ride, but please dispose of litter (in trash cans provided) upon returning to the station.

10. Smoking is of course prohibited during the trip for health reasons as well as being a great fire hazard.

11. Keep in mind, the entire train weighs several tons, and can not stop on a dime.

Just follow these simple rules and you will enjoy yourself at the Orland Newville & Pacific Railroad! Thank you!

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